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Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment units​

Chemix Co. for Scientific and Industrial Services specializes in the field of manufacturing, supplying and installing
Units for treating industrial and sanitary sewage and hazardous waste. The
company has established several units serving different activities

 such as the following sectors:

And others, using the best and most modern methods of design and implementation, achieve the desired results
so that the resulting water is suitable for industrial reuse or drainage, in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Law.
In the field of sanitation, the company has established several stations in several touristic
villages in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, Ras Sidr and the North Coast, and the treated
water is reused in irrigation work, after being sterilized according to the
environmental laws.

Raw water treatment units for various industrial purposes

Chemix for Scientific and Industrial Services has a wide base of special products
Improving the specifications of raw water in accordance with the standards and specifications required by each industry separately
Chemix implements and designs these units with the required capacities according to the requirements of each
Industry and these units:


It removes the calcium and magnesium salts present in the water to be usable industrially


These units get rid of all the salts in the water


It purifies water and seizes solids and suspended matter up to 40 microns. These filters consist of layers of quartz or anthracite.


It is suitable for several industrial uses and drinking water, and it seizes solid and suspended materials up to 10 microns


These filters eliminate odors and gases dissolved in the water and reduce the organic load

Cooling Towers

Chemix Scientific and Industrial Services Company has distinguished expertise in the field of Cooling Towers as a result of field and laboratory experiments that the company has carried out. Through this effort, the company has produced:

Open-circuit cooling towers 
with different energies

Closed circuit cooling towers 
(serpentines inside the cooling tower) "various energies"

 These products achieved impressive results in accordance with international standards and specifications.

Maintenance & Renovation
works for existing units

supply of cooling tower components

Cooling Air Fans up to 30,000 m³/h 

Anti-splashing made of P.V.C 

Towers Filling Made of polypropylene 

Sprayers made of P.V.C or copper
of different diameters

Insulation, lining and cladding works

Chemix Company has used the latest technologies in the work of isolating chemical and acid tanks and painting floors with chemical-resistant materials using:

P.V.C sheets of different thicknesses

Lining with fiber and chemical resistant polyester

Epoxy paint

Laboratory Equipment and analysis

Chemix for Scientific and Industrial Services specializes in the manufacture, supply and installation of industrial and sanitary sewage and hazardous waste treatment units.


pH meters and controllers

TDS Meter