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Chemix since 1983

Our History

Chemix Scientific and Industrial Services has specialized since its inception in October 1983 in the field of water treatment of all kinds.

In the industrial field, the company produces raw water treatment units, cooling water and industrial waste water so that the resulting water is valid and matches the needs of each industry separately.

In the field of human use

the company establishes desalination plants to produce potable water and sewage treatment plants to produce water suitable for reuse in irrigation.

This is in addition to the production of chemicals that serve the field of water treatment of all kinds

Our Vision

To be a world leader in sustainable water treatment solutions, improving the quality of life for communities and preserving the earth's precious water resources for future generations.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and efficient water treatment technologies and services that exceed industry standards, while maintaining the highest levels of safety, ethics, and customer satisfaction. We strive to continuously improve our processes and products to protect public health, promote environmental stewardship, and conserve water resources for all.