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Chemix since 1983

Market Leaders in Scientific and Industrial Services and Construction

About Chemix

Since its establishment in October of 1983, Chemix Co. has been the market leader in the Water Treatment Field in all Industrial Sectors. For the Industrial field, Chemix Designs and produces Plants For preparing raw water, Cooling water and Industrial waste treatment so the treated water fulfills the designated use for each industrial sector.

For human use, Chemix Co. designs and produces Water Treatment Plants to produce perfectly drinkable water, as well as to recycle and reuse sewage water for agricultural use.

Our Services

Raw water treatment units for various industrial purposes​

Chemix for Scientific and Industrial Services has a wide base of special products
Improving the specifications of raw water according to the standards and specifications required by each industry separately, and Chemix Company implements and designs these units with the required capacities according to the requirements of each industry and these units such as …


Chemix Co. produces cooling towers with excellent lab and field results according to global benchmarks through:

  • Open circuit cooling towers “different capacities”.
  • Closed-circuit cooling towers (serpentine inside the cooling tower) “different energies”.

Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment units

Chemix is a leading company that provides high-quality laboratory equipment and analysis services. Chemix offers various tools and instruments for scientific experiments, such as Ph-meter, pipettes, TDS-meters, and more. Chemix also performs various methods and techniques to examine, measure, or identify samples

Insulation, lining and cladding works

Chemix has used the latest technologies in the work of isolating chemical and acid tanks and painting floors with chemical resistant materials using:

P.V.C boards with different thicknesses.
Lining with fiber and chemical resistant polyester
Paint with epoxy materials.

Laboratory Equipment and analysis ​

Chemix for Scientific and Industrial Services specializes in the manufacture, supply and installation of industrial and sanitary sewage and hazardous waste treatment units.

The company has established several units serving different activities such as …

Production of water treatment chemicals

Chemix produces the chemicals used in water treatment from environmentally friendly materials conforming to the standard specifications required. Chemix has a technical staff to follow up and analyze periodically and to serve customers after sales. Chemicals can be divided as follows:


Fuel and Boiler water treatment chemicals


Cooling water treatment chemicals


Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment chemicals


Chemicals for treatment of desalination plant system
R.O. system


Long expertise "since 1983"

Chemix is the market leader since 1983

Certified as Consultant

Chemix is certified from the Egyptian Ministry of Environment as a consultant

Patented Products

Our Products are formulated and produced by Chemix

After Sale Service

A devoted team for your after-sale service

All-Sized Projects

Designing and implementing plants from 5m3 to 5000+ m3 per day

Packaging according to your needs

Various container sizes for the customer to choose from

Delivering to your desired destination

Delivering your products to your desired location

Customizing products according to your needs

Different chemical and physical properties that can be altered according to your needs

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