Our range of chemical product cover the different usage for water and waste water treatment. Our chemical products can be classifed as follows :

I. Chemicals for boiler water & steam lines :

II. Chemicals for cooling towers water treatment:

III. Chemicals for wastewater treatment :

  1. CHEMIX GT 100
  2. CHEMIX GT 100S.
  3. CHEMIX GT 100C.
  4. CHEMIX Tetraplex.
  5. Ferric Chloride.
  6. Bio Oxidant.

IV. Chemicals for R.O. system treatment.

  1. CHEMIX system for anit fouling and cleaning.
  2. CHEMIX S.R. (R.O. system).
  3. CHEMIX Anti Oxidant.
  4. CHEMIX Anti scalent.

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